Wide angle photo of glass shop to go here, when I get it.

Here you can see some of the tools and equipment I use to create my paperweights.

Also, there are some process photos showing a paperweight being made. Just click on the photos for a larger view.

Glass Studio
This is a photo of my glass studio.
Raw Glass
Raw glass I use to sculpt glass designs. The glass comes from Germany, Italy, and the Chech Republic.
Bench Torch
Bench torch I use to sculpt glass designs. This is traditionally referred to as "Lampworking" or "Flameworking".
In Process
This is an example of a partially completed design of a milkweed plant.
Work Station
This is the workstation where I put all my paperweights together.
Annealing Oven
This is the annealing oven that I use to anneal my paperweights. THis is a cooling process that takes approximately 48 hours.

Glass Studio
Knife Shop

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