From the time I was fourteen, I have been developing my skills as a glass artist.

While I was still in high school, I first experimented with manipulating hot glass with a simple torch and some clear glass rods that my father had bought for me.

Being born and raised in Southern New Jersey, I was in the midst of a rich tradition of Glasswork, having many glass factory's within an hours drive of my home.

In 1977-78. I received my formal glass training, in scientific glassblowing technology, from Salem County Community College.

I worked as a Scientific glassblower for three years, hand fabricating laboratory apparatus that was used by the petroleum, drug, and scientific research industries.

It was during that time that I became exposed to paperweights, through the work of James and Nontas Kontes, owners of the Scientific glass company that I was working for at that time.

Although I am self-taught in the art of paperweight making, The Kontes brothers offered me guidance, advice, and endless support with my learning to make lampworked paperweights. I consider them my glass mentors, and we share a cherished friendship.

I also volunteered to work at a nearby glass facility, Wheaton Historic Village. there I learned how to work with hot glass, in the traditional way, gathering the glass from a hot tank, and then shaping and forming it with the traditional tools used by Glassblowers.

To this day, I continue to learn new techniques for working glass, through research, trial and error, and by participating in workshops.

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