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Since 1982 Gordon has been working as a full time studio Glass Artist, creating fine crystal lampworked paperweights, and small sculpture (See Biography).

Primarily using realism to execute his choice of subject, which can range from a floral motif to a desert scene or aquatic environment, it is his expertise in articulating these micro realms that has won him distinction and prominence in the genre.

Today, Gordon is one of the few acknowledged masters of the art of paperweight making, in the world. His work receives worldwide attention for it's technical mastery and design.

Gordon's paperweights are included in numerous public and private collections including those exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum, the Christchurch Museum in New Zealand, the Bergstrom Mahler Museum, the Courier Museum, the Museum of American Glass, and the Corning Museum of Glass.

In 2005 Gordon also began making custom hand made knives. Combining both glass, and the traditional materials used in knifemaking, he has merged the worlds of glass and metal into an exceptional alliance. Some of his knife handles incorporate vibrant three dimensional glass imagery, all hand sculpted, pioneering new territory in the knifemaking realm. His most recent breakthrough is in the creation of Damaglas. Damaglas is an all glass Damascus patterned peice of glass.

Gordon is also making folding pocketknives, utilizing materials such as mokume, Damascus, ivory, bone, and mother of pearl. He works on all aspects of the knifemaking process, including the grinding of his own blades.

He attributes his knowledge of knifemaking to the teaching and support he recieved from ABS Journeyman and knifemaker Barry Gallagher, who taught him the principals of making a folding liner lock pocket knife.

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